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Vasectomy is also called male sterilization. Vasectomy is done by blocking the tubes that carry the sperm from testis to the penis. Following vasectomy male semen will not contain sperm to fertilize the women’s egg.

It takes 30 minutes to do the surgery and it is minimally invasive without any significant pain. It can be done as day care surgery.

Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive method though vasectomy can be sometimes is reversed, but not always.

Though it can be done at any age, young adults must consider carefully whether they may like to have children when they grow older.


  • No protection against STDs
  • Minor risks
  • Permanent procedure


  • Does not effect sexual drive
  • No interference with sex
  • Low failure rates
  • No long term side effects

Immediately following vasectomy it is advisable to continue contraception till two consecutive semen test show absence of sperm in semen which may take up to 2 months.

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