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Dr. K. Ramesh – ChennaiUrology Testimonials of Patient Mr. C. Rajagopalan  who underwent Robotic Nephrectomy at Apollo Hospitals Chennai, India.

Dr. K. Ramesh – ChennaiUrology Testimonials of Patient Mr. Muthu who underwent Robotic Radical Prostatectomy at Apollo Hospitals Chennai, India.

To whom it may concern

With utmost gratitude & great pleasure I write these words of commendation about Dr. K. Ramesh – He is one of the few urologists in India who has had formal training in Robotic Surgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo,United States.

Not repeating his qualifications appearing in very many websites on “Prostrate Cancer and surgery, Urologists, Robotic surgery ” and so on, I wish to state some outstanding Human values and super human qualities of a great personality.

So much qualified, so much “demanding” but available at any moment even in his mobile (Phone: Direct 044 – 28296576 , 28293333, 28290200 and Mobile : 9790902007 / 9940663693) even when any patent call him after months he has successfully completed his responsibility. He is available for every call from any country or place in a very very friendly manner and respond to any query. I can say that even our family doctors residing close to our houses will not do so.

I am a patient who had a prostrate cancer identified through a MRI scan & biopsy test in a leading hospital in Colombo Sri Lanka, was lucky enough to consult Dr. K. Ramesh at Appolo Hospital. I left Sri Lanka and entered the Apollo Hospital on the 26th of February 2013 during lunch time, was operated using Da Vinci Robotic system by Dr. K. Ramesh on the 27th of February 2013 and left the Hospital fully recovered, with a good discharge report from Dr. K. Ramesh on the 4th of March 2013.

“Cancer” wherever it is frightening, painful both phisically and psychologically, a patient will not like to know even as the last word in his life. But Dr. K. Ramesh is an efficient Urologist that we can trust who can save you.
I sincerely recommend his valuable service of Dr. K. Ramesh and his team and friendly, secured , affordable services at Apollo Hospital at Chennai.

P.D.P Gunawardana
Sri Lanka

When my daughter was diagnosed of ureterocele and she needed a surgery, I was confused. Then I came in contact with you. You took your time to explain the procedure to me, you answered all my questions and cleared my doubts. The care and attention my daughter received on arrival, before, during and after the surgery was excellent (she says she wants to visit India again but not as a patient…lol). Even after we returned home, you still followed up on us! My girl is doing great now, she’s healthy and strong and no complications. Thank you Dr. K. Ramesh and your amiable team!


I was very confused and hopeless when heard my daughter 13 years diagnosed a rare disease bilateral pheochromocytoma . The results indicated there are 2 masses on her both adrenal glands . I asked the doctors here and they suggested that both adrenal should be removed . If both adrenals removed , then she must use steroids lifetime . I don’t want her to use steroid due to its side effect, so I tried to find a doctor who can help her with cortical sparing surgery.

After tired browsing , I found the latest technologies that can help my daughter, that is robotic surgery. I found Dr. K. Ramesh profile and send an email to get information about the treatment for my daughter. Very friendly, he answered all my questions and made me optimistic that this is the right choice.

Finally, we came to Apollo Hospital . Because her blood pressure and the pulse is very high, the doctor have to neutralize before doing surgery. She admitted on October 12, 2012 , and on October 24, 2012 doctor executed operation . The operation went smoothly for almost 8 hours for both adrenal , and when the doctor told us that the surgery went smoothly and he can safe the adrenal, we are very happy and grateful.

My daughter stayed in ICCU for 2 days, and went to normal ward for 3 days more. Total care only about 5 days, and all running well, and until today she doesn’t need to use drugs or steroids at all . Thanks to Apollo Hospital , all the doctors team and all nurses who provide excellent services and affordable prices . Now she is very normal, the blood pressure and the heart beet is in normal range. Very special thank to you doctor for your follow up until now, and thank you for helping my daughter to face her bright future, hopefully robotic technology can help many other patients, not only Jeshica…

Nancy, (Jeshica Sydney’s mother)
Medan – North Sumatera – Indonesia

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