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Double J Stent

Double J Stent

A double J stent is used as a drain internally to allow the kidney drain into the bladder after you have had either a stone blocking the ureter (tube leading between kidney and bladder), surgery in the ureter or had a procedure whereby your surgeon has passed a telescope called a ureteroscope into the tube between the kidney and the bladder.  If a double J stent is not left in place there is a chance that you could suffer the symptoms of renal colic, severe left loin pain and that blockage can cause back pressure on the kidney which can eventually lead to infection and damage of the kidney.

The symptoms that are associated with a double J stent include frequency, urgency, haematuria, loin pain. 

The blood is not necessarily associated with infection in the urine but is associated with a minor degree of irritation that the stent causes to the inner lining of the bladder.   If you find the symptoms intolerable we will arrange for the stent to be removed as soon as possible We endeavour to leave the stent in for as short a period of time as possible but depending on the need for a stent it may be in for a period of up to 4-6 weeks after stone surgery and longer for some other types of surgical procedures that take place on the kidney.

Medication can added to relieve the side effect of the stent.

Currently stent are available with strings were patient can remove the stent themselves.

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