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Renal Cyst

Renal Cyst

  • The kidneys are the most common organ in the body to develop cysts and occur in 50% of the population older than 50.
  • A simple cyst may be single or multiple, unilateral or bilateral and can range from a few mm to several cm in diameter.
  • Most simple cysts are found incidentally on ultrasound or renal imaging studies are asymptomatic and require no treatment.
  • Occasionally large cysts may cause pain due to cyst wall distention, intra-cystic bleeding or obstruction of the collecting system and require treatment.
  • Certain cyst are indeterminant that requires regular Ultrasound or CT follow up.



Treatment options for symptomatic simple renal cysts:

  • Open surgery may include nephrectomy, decortication or marsupialization of the cyst.
  • Laparoscopic cyst ablation – transabdominal or retroperitoneal approach.
  • Only lesions that meet the ultrasound or CT criteria for simple cysts should be approached laparoscopically. There could be a small chance of malignancy therefore the cyst wall should be inspected for tumour and sent for histology. Tumour seeding is a potential disadvantage.
  • Percutaneous aspiration

Laparoscopic cyst ablation


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