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Surgical removal of skin covering the tip of the penis is medically called circumcision.


  • (Usually minor common in young)
  • Narrowing of the opening common in children.


  • Hygienically better
  • Reduces the risk of urinary infection
  • Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infection
  • Reduces the risk of penile cancer

Medical benefits outweigh the risks.


Can it be done in adults?

Yes. It is more commonly done in adults who have repeated infection in the foreskin. They are more common in diabetics. Repeated infection makes the skin thick and fissured causing breakdown of skin and pain on retraction.

Who needs circumcision?

When it not possible to retract the foreskin over glans. It may leads to repeat infection.

Does circumcision effects sexually life?


How is performed?

It is done in the operation theatre as day surgery.

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